Self-drive boats (speedboats)


Captain your very own speed boat and see the historic sights of the island of Comino, Malta and Gozo



No license required for most of the boats. Followed by a full professional safety briefing and test drive.

Family fun and a chance to sight see and anchor at any secluded beaches, accessible by boat, where you can spend time relaxing on the boat, wading in the clear blue waters, or snorkeling along the coastline.

You can also hire one of our Self Drive Boats for a few hours for fishing.

Important information:

You need no boat license to hire the boat, you just need to bring identification i.e passport/id card and mobile phone.

All the boats are in top condition and completely equipped with a canopy, steps, life-jackets and other safety equipment.

We also do provide you with a map on which we mark some dangerous spots and also some nice places to visit in Comino, Gozo and other places in Malta, depending weather conditions.

Clients are not allowed to go inside the caves and no alcohol is allowed on the boat.

Prices are all excluding fuel, which means that we refuel the boat when you finish and you pay only the amount used. Fuel consumption depends on various things, like how many people you will have on board, how far you go, the speed of driving, and also the weather condition. Fuel price €1.41/liter.

We are open every day.

Half day is 4 hours either in the morning from 10 am till 2:00 pm or in the afternoon from 2:00pm till 6pm

Full day 8 hours for example from 09:00 - 17:00 or 10:00 - 18:00.

You can never block a jetty - Hefty fines are in place.

You must never berth (park) the boat anywhere with shore.

If you are not very experienced you cannot get close to the jetties or other boats or any vessels to unload people from the boat (not applied in the case serious emergency)

When stopping use only the anchor to stay moored.

Boat must never be unattended for any reason - not applied in the case serious emergency

You must never go into caves. It is considered dangerous and insurance does not cover.

No one can be under influence of alcohol and smoking is not allowed on the boat.

If someone like to stop for a lunch there is a possibility, to leave the boat to another water sport base -depends of sea conditions and availability, for a charge about 10 euro depends which operator. Please advise us on the day when we are explaining you a map to show you where and we give you a contact.

If you are not very experienced, ideally you bring your own lunch and we provide cooler boxes

If any of the above conditions are not adhered, the boat can be taken away without any notice and client are to make their own way back.

Short description

The boat is equipped with anchor, safety equipment, life jackets, canopy or sunshade, ladder, and music player.

Price includes

  • Speedboat rental

Price does not include

  • Fuel - €1.41/liter
  • GPS
  • Shower


  • License Not Required

Meeting point

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